Rent with Parisnicehome

1. Is there a specific arrival day?

No, you can arrive any day of the week.

2. What is included in the rental price?

The price indicated is the total price you will pay. There are no additional charges.
The price also includes:

  • High-speed internet
  • Unlimited telephone to 76 destinations, including the European countries, Australia (landlines), the United States and Canada (landlines and cell phones). Details available here.
  • Housekeeping fees (arrival & departure)

3. What are check-in and check-out times?

Check-in time is 2 PM, check-out time is 10:30 AM, in order to leave enough time for our housekeeping service to prepare the apartment for the next guests.  However, we will of course always try to find the easiest and most suitable solution to accommodate your arrival and departure schedules.

4. How about your arrival?

I will be pleased to personally welcome you to the apartment when you arrive, to greet you and ensure everything goes smoothly when you take possession of the apartment.
This will also give me the opportunity to offer you any advice you might need on your stay and your touring and sightseeing plans.

The apartments of Parisnicehome

1. Are all your apartment non-smoking?

All our apartments are non-smoking and we ask that you comply with this rule for everyone’s comfort and well-being.

2. Do all your apartments have internet access?

All the apartments have unlimited high-speed internet access.

3. Are sheets and towels provided?

Everything is provided. There are plenty of towels made from the finest cotton. You’ll find the bedding to be exceptionally comfortable, and the beds will be freshly prepared for your arrival.

4. Can I bring pets?

Sorry, but we do not allow pets in our apartments.

5. Are your apartments close to shops and restaurants?

All the apartments are close to shops and restaurants.

6. Can I bring my own electrical devices?

The electricity in France is 220 VAC at 50 Hz. Other than battery chargers for cell phones and computer power supplies that are designed to work in Europe, you should check carefully before loading yourself down with things that might not work. You could also damage your equipment. In particular, Ladies, no need to bring a hair dryer. We provide you with a professional model, available in the bathroom.

Usefull Information

1. How long does it take to travel between the apartments and the airports?

My apartments are located right in the heart of Paris, in the middle of a very extensive and highly practical public transportation network.
On average, it takes 40-50 minutes to get to the Roissy Charles de Gaulle or Orly airports using public transportation. Detailed information on how to access public transportation is provided in every apartment description.

2. How about public transportation in Paris?

Paris has an extensive public transportation system that is reliable and easy to use. The primary components available are:

  • The Metro: There are 14 numbered and colored lines. The number of the line and the direction of travel are always clearly indicated so you know where you’re going. There are lots of stations and they are rarely very far apart.
  • The bus: Busses in Paris are a great way to get around because you can experience life in Paris while going from one place to another. The many bus lanes that the City of Paris has created mean they usually avoid the traffic jams.

3. What about biking in Paris?

Paris has a fun, effective and affordable way to explore its streets and neighborhoods and experience the city like a real Parisian. It’s called the VELIB system.
There are lots of Velib stations spread out all around the city (about 300 meters apart, on average). You can get a bicycle at one of these stations and drop it off at another. This is a quick and interesting way to get around, but remember that the traffic in Paris is quite heavy. That’s why you should use the many bike lanes available, indicated on the street by a little green bike.

4. Who should you tip in Paris, and how much?

It is customary in France and in Paris to leave a tip if you are satisfied with the service you get. Here are some common examples:

  • Taxis: 1 or 2 euros for a short taxi ride, otherwise around 5 to 7%
  • Restaurants: A 15% gratuity is always included in the bill, but a satisfied customer will often leave a few extra euros, sometimes as much as 5 or 10% if the service was especially good.
  • The hairdresser’s: About 5 euros on average, and 1 to 2 euros for the person who does the shampooing.

5. What is the temperature in Paris?

Temperatures and rainfalls in Paris are fortunately quite clement even in Winter. But please click on the link below to get detailed information
Rainfalls and temperature table